Your Thoughts About Medical Coverage

I just saw on the news that they are getting rather far with trying to get the President of the United States healthcare package together.  I am not totally for this whole idea.  I think that the President should be more concerned with getting the troops out of other countries, and helping get our economy straightened out.

Insurance companies across the U.S. are going to all be effected.  Here in NJ we have Blue Cross & Blue Shield while other places seem to have a lot on a certain one like Blue Cross NC.  The people on the carriers that are the main ones for a state are going to be watching to make sure that premiums, and such don’t increase.

The whole idea that the President has is only going to make our taxes go up, and possibly quite a few other changes that will effect how we use our healthcare.  I am sure that noone wants to have more money being sucked up in the current economic state.  I for one don’t like change.  If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it.

What do you think about what the President is trying to do to us?

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One Response to Your Thoughts About Medical Coverage

  1. I am not happy with how Healthcare reform is going..
    They keep taking away benefits/charging more and giving less.
    I feel Obama is trying to help with this issue but I’m not sure it will
    ever come to everyone agreeing on his methods.
    One day, hopefully everyone can afford health insurance for them and their family
    and won’t be turned away for treatment at a hospital because everyone deserves
    a right to medical attention.