You Want Me To Eat What…

The other day my wife called me from the store, and asked me what I wanted to eat.  I nicely told her that I would love to have my usual italian sub.  She immediatelly told me that they were having a special on something, and that she would pick me up something.  Wife told me not to be mad at her because she only does what is good for me.

She came home and handed me something that was very small.  I asked what it was before opening it, and she replied it was a wrap.  I asked her why, and she told me that I need to watch what I eat, and that a slimming wrap would be fine.  She seems to think that a guy like me needs all sorts of health foods.  I ended up eating it because I was hungry, and I do not waste food.  It wasn’t bad, but I have to say that it felt like I ate an hors d’oeuvre.

Moral of the story… Don’t ask others to do something for you if you can do it yourself.

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One Response to You Want Me To Eat What…

  1. So the question is this: If she was going to decide, why did she even ask?