You Got What From Blogging?

We had to do a rather quick kitchen floor fix right before Christmas.  Why?  Well, we have had sticky squares of linoleum down on the floor for @6-7 years.  Over those years we have had water spill on it, water leaks, breaking tiles, and other things.  Quite a few of the tiles were badly scratched up, and we happened to have a box of the tile sitting in the basement.  We were having a party, and didn’t want to have anyone say anything so we decided to just quickly get it back in a better looking condition.  After I did this the floor looked a bit strange because various parts of the floor were brand new looking, and looked out of place.  It almost looked like scattered glass tile.

My wife tried telling her nephew that we had gotten some miracle stuff in from blogging, and that it turned a badly worn floor into a new looking floor.  He actually believed it for the first few minutes until she laughed, and then he knew that he had been had.

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