Working & Self Employed

I have now been out of my part time job for a little over 1 month.  It feels weird being home as much as I am, but it feels good.  Having employment was great, but I found that putting a little more time into my business has paid off for me.  I have a lot of customers that call me, and need my help, and they always come back to me because I don’t take advantage of them, or overcharge them.  In my area of New Jersey there are far too many computer techs, and on top of that most of them are “Fly By Nighters”.  Where that effects me is that these people give a bad name to fully licensed, and insured techs.  People get scared when they get taken advantage of, and they sometimes don’t give me the trust, and respect that they should.

When you are looking for a computer tech, tv installer, or any type of service be sure to ask if they are licensed, insured, and even better… ask for references.  If the service seems to good to be true, then it probably is.  In the case of home improvement make sure you ask  the company for their Consumer Affairs License.  This is a New Jersey thing, but it should be everywhere.  To many people are being scammed, and it needs to be stopped.

These are just tips for you to help you in making some smart decisions.

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  1. This is good advice. Thank you!