Working In Seaside 2010

Since the mid 90’s I have been working in Seaside Heights, NJ.  In the past I have written about the town, and the kids.  For the most part nothing has changed, and that is where the problem is.  I returned this year just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.  This weekend most of the hotels in Seaside were charging @$400 per night for a room with 4+ kids.  Well, with the economy the way it is I just can’t understand why the parents would go for it, as most of the “children” don’t have jobs, and their parents pay for everything including their expensive cars.  Being from NJ I have never heard a Jersey resident say that the cost of a hotel was too high.  The ignorant kids from NY come here, and think that they should pay almost nothing for a hotel room.  One kid was so upset with the price that he started complaining that they should make him happy.  I turned to him, and stated that the Happiest Place in the World is Disney, and this definitelly wasn’t Disney.  Wildwood is a much nicer place if you want to go somewhere with the family.  The other place in NJ is Point Pleasant.  That is a real nice family area as well.  Belmar is almost as bad as Seaside in a lot of respects.

The girls dress even less than last year.  They almost appear to be wearing lingerie sometimes.  They don’t seem to understand that guys like the ones on “Jersey Shore” don’t care about the girls… They want other things.  For the most part I don’t have to worry about the “Swelled Minds” of the Jersey Shore cast, as my hotel isn’t in the right area of Seaside Heights.  The Jersey Shore show is definitelly something that I think was appropriate.  The show basically condones the violence, and “Mishandling” of women.  I am married, but it just goes to show more to me of what my daughter is up against when she gets older.  The guys on that show are purely “WannaBees.”  They want to think that they are the center of the crowd, and as they may be currently they don’t understand that they only did one thing for themselves… Give themselves a bad name, and reputation.  They may have even educated some girls out their in what not to do.

The other thing that I have noticed which really makes me wonder is the kids that rent a room to sit in it at a window yelling remarks, and obsenities at people walking around.  I don’t know if it is immaturity, or just plain old brainlessness.

Have you ever been to Seaside Heights?  What was your thoughts of that lovely town.

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3 Responses to Working In Seaside 2010

  1. The shore is slowly changing–tastes, advertiseing, and financing are the movers.

  2. The shore is slowly changing–tastes, advertiseing, and financing are the movers.

  3. I am in Northern New Jersey (grew up here). I havent been to Seaside Heights since I was a teen…about 25 years ago. Seaside Heights is really a teen hangout. When we go to the beach, we go to Sandy Hook, Point Pleasant or Seven Presidents Beach. My 19 year old went down the shore last week with her boyfriend and they went to Point Pleasant.