Working At Sony… The Things You Get Asked

I have worked for my own company for over 15 years, and I never got to experience customers the way that I got to while I worked at Sony as a salesperson.  When I worked at Sony I never expected to hear some of the outlandish things that I did hear.  Keep in mind that above our store was a BIG sign with the company name on it.  You expect to hear some questions about a product specification, but the ones that took the cake were:

  • Where are the XBox360 units?


On top of that you would always get someone that would come in, and show a flyer for a competitor, and ask if we could beat their price… Meanwhile our price was on a sign showing a lower price than the competitor already was.  Maybe it was me, but an awful lot of people asked the same questions on an almost daily basis.

Have you ever had a really off question get asked to you, and you wonder what tree that person came out from under?

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One Response to Working At Sony… The Things You Get Asked

  1. I worked in Ladies’s Clothing in a major department store for 5 years!
    I have met some doozies in that line of work! What really got to me,
    is when women would wear an outfit for an occasion and then
    bring it back to return! It was obvious the clothing was worn. I would
    try to abide by the store policies, only to have a manager come and
    override me! Thanks, Cindi