Work Made Me Tired

I have forgotten how much work it is to actually work.  Today I had to go do a CCTV job, and had to do some lifting, climbing, and “Real” work.  Most of the work I do is on computers, and doesn’t take much energy to do.  By the time the job was over I was ready to drop.  I am now understanding why my wife wants me to do something about losing a little bit of weight.  I am not overweight, but I could lose a few pounds.  Maybe if I could find the best weight loss supplement out on the market I could lose the weight.

Currently with the economic situation I have left my job at Sony, and gone back to running my own company.  On top of that I help the wife with our daughter, and we both blog.  Finding people to actually work has been a challenge for me for many years, so I do most of the work on my own.  When I need to, and it isn’t a real bad job I will ask my wife to go on a job so that she can earn some money, and at the same time I don’t have to pay for outside help.

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