Work I Do…& Have Done

Since the late 1990’s I have done security for hotels in Seaside Heights, NJ.  Back then it was a lot easier to do than it is now.  Kids are more violent, and there are more things to be watchful for.  Security in Seaside is essential, as the local police can fine the hotels for various offenses when there are issues, and that leads up to an eventual shut down of the hotel.

I started my security gig with a friend that worked at Seaside Hotel.  The hotel was a pure dump, but I wasn’t stupid enough to turn down money.  Most of the time working that hotel was easier then pie.

A few years after I left working at Seaside Hotel I heard that there was a fire.  I was amazed at the amount of damage.  Bye Seaside Hotel.


I then moved on to watching over Sea Palace Motel.  This hotel proved to be a bit more challenging because kids always wanted to be out on the balconies.  The kids were bad, but still not at their worst.  Mainly we would throw kids out for drugs, or alcohol.

My friend that started me in this moved away, and we rarely talk.  Probably found new friends, and don’t need us anymore.

Next I was asked to take over security at Skyview Manor.  This proved to be my challenge.  Skyview Manor was one of the bigger hotels in Seaside.  @50 rooms, and each room could hold 4-5 kids.  If you can imagine a riot breaking out… I thought of it many times.  I ran the hotel with my crew for 1-2 years.  Eventually a new owner came in, and brought a family member to take control.  He was a police officer, so I didn’t mind.  We had a nightly mission.  Keep it safe, and if need be throw a room out if they got out of hand.  At least 2 times a weekend we would evict a room.

One weekend I was in the process of evicting a person when he turned to me, and stated that he was an undercover FBI agent.  I asssured him that he wasn’t, and the fun began.  My co-worker had the local police enroute because of the depth of this situation.  The initial kid had started up his friends, and drawn a rather large crowd.  Local officers showed up, and when they went to take the kid away he resisted arrest, and tried to punch one.  Let me say this… “Bad Move.”

Working at Skyview was fun.  The owner J.K. became very good friends with me.  I really never looked at him as a boss.  We still talk from time to time.  The police officer “E” was cool.  We weren’t as good of friends as I was with J.K., but that’s how life is.  Working till early in the morning had its perks.  J.K. would always buy breakfast from the Steakhouse.  At night he would usually buy dinner for us.

Over the next few years I stayed at Skyview until my friend sold, and moved to Florida.  When he sold I was requested to take control of security at the Anchor, and the Franklin.  The Anchor is a lightweight hotel being that it is next to the police headquarters.  Mainly being there is to keep the kids from getting out of hand, and resulting in the local police coming in.

The Franklin on the other hand is the most active hotel I have ever worked at.  This is due to 2 clubs being within a stones throw, and other hotels that have very lax security.  Fights end up very close to Franklin because the kids leave the bars, and start fighting.

Before returning to work one year there was a fire at the Franklin that did some serious damage.  The Franklin was rebuilt, and is in operation still.


To this day I am looking for my retirement from this work, but the money is what forces me to go back.

It isn’t all that bad.  I have seen just about anything you can imagine.  People doing personal things in public, girls trying to make themselves look better with makeup, fights, girls dressing like hookers, and more.

I helped stop some perpetrators that were trying to flee from the sheriffs office one year.  They were chasing them down the road, so I went out and intercepted them like a pro football player.

Another time a girl came out with this stuff on her eyes, and she looked pretty dam scary.  I asked her what she was doing.  She said that her friend wanted her to try out the best eye cream money could buy.  A lot of these girls don’t need to do half of what they do for the attention they are looking for.  Just be yourself.

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6 Responses to Work I Do…& Have Done

  1. Seaside Heights should be called “Sleaside Heights”
    Years ago when I was growing up it wasn’t all bad,
    now there is a different element out there. I will only
    go with my family in the daytime.

  2. JMarsden92

    Janet…Stories that we should swap?

  3. I worked at a hotel years ago, and I liked it too. Interesting stories!

  4. Good post. I know this is 100% you. I enjoyed reading it.

    I am amused at the top picture. It looks like it came out of one of the war games guys play on their PS3’s. Seaside is changing. More and more buildings are leaving to make way for upscale condos and pricier digs.

  5. Maggie…I have seen it all.  I have seen grown adults doing things they shouldn’t do in public, too.

  6. I’m sure you’ve seen it all in that line of work. I’m also sure it’s hard to turn down that money. :)