Work I Could Never Do.

I used to want to have a job in either the law enforcement, or legal lines.  I realized many years ago that a job in law enforment wouldn’t be something that I could do because of the amount of risk that one takes in doing their job.  The lawyer job sounded great because I am a good arguer.

After I looked into it, and found that there was alot of school, and tests to take in order to become a lawyer I decided against it.  Looking at it now it almost appears like there is even more to do, like a lot of school.  I guess LSAT prep courses are the start.

Who is a lawyer, and knows just how hard it is to become one?

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One Response to Work I Could Never Do.

  1. I work for the State of NJ and I deal with many attorneys, one of whom is my boss.
    I know them from outside the courtroom and inside as well because I clerk for some Judges and see many of them for their cases they present.
    I know they say the bar exam is very difficult and just in general as you said, the education they need to continue is difficult but well worth the reward if you make it.