Work Around The House

Well, now that the new year is here the wife, and I are trying to figure out the goals for this year.  We have already decided that we are going to be doing some painting, and some renovations to the kitchen.  We have some living room furniture that my best friend gave us, and it is starting to wear out.  On top of that our Cockatoo Molly likes to attack anything that she can, and the furniture has a few small holes in them from her.

I told the wife that we definitelly need to think about replacing the furniture with some modern furniture, and she agreed.  Bad part to this is that now she is thinking of getting new kitchen furniture as well.  Well, she has to realize that the money tree has died, and the cash cow left, and the leprechaun gave up on us.

Can anyone give me some ideas to do some work around the house that will reduce cost, and yet maybe make us happy?

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