Windows 7 Ultimate Review Part #1

I was lucky enough to be selected to host a HouseParty for Windows 7.  As a host I received a Signature Edition of Windows 7 32bit, and 64bit.


I have a HP DV9910US laptop, and I wanted to put Windows 7 on that.  I am not one to make major changes to my house network until I am fully satisfied with a product.  This would be the ultimate place to put it, and not compromise my feelings.

I usually overwhelm myself with software, and need to clean out my computers from time to time.  After doing a clean installation of Windows Vista Home Premium, and reinstalling all of the factory software I put in the Windows 7 32bit software.

The installation took about 45 minutes.  After installation I was surprised to see just how quick the laptop booted up.  There were no driver issues, and everything worked correct the first time.

Here are just a few of the new enhancements to the Windows OS:

  1. Window “Snapping” – Dragging a window to the left, or right will “Snap” to @50% of the screen on that side of the screen.
  2. Taskbar item pinning – Makes it so that you can lock an item to your taskbar for easier access.
  3. Sidebar Gadget Placement – Originally the gadgets had to stay in the sidebar.  Now the gadgets can be put anywhere on your desktop.
  4. Wireless Network Meter – A small display can show the available wireless networks that you can connect to.
  5. Windows Easy Transfer – A solution to help move your data from computers without the hassle.

I am rather impressed with the speed, and how clean the operating system is.  My usb devices seemed to detect, and install quicker.

Somebody must have had dieting on their mind when they wrote Windows 7, as this is like a fat burner for pc’s.  The software must be somewhat slim, as it is fast.

I can successfully say that “I’m A PC!”

Keep watching this site, as I will be posting some videos of the Windows 7 Experience.

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