Wii Carnival Games Review

We have been trying to find more family time at our house.  We have gone out, and purchased a cable kit so that my daughters Wii could be connected to my 50″ Plasma in the living room.  We used to play a board game, or something, but now we have moved into Wii gaming.  The Wii is great for good, and wholesome family fun.

I am going to give the Wii a try for some of the more “Grown Up” games like Call Of Duty.  The wife wants to try out some of the diet type software.  My daughter is a hard carrot, as she has proven that she needs to try everything out before she decides on getting it.  She likes doing Wii Fit stuff with mom, and me.

We play Carnival Games on a pretty regular schedule.  We compete to see who has gotten to be the best player.  I say that I am a serious contender, but they say NO!

In Carnival Games you can play up to 4 players with the Wii Remote.  While playing you can win more than 250 virtual prizes.  You can customize your character, clothing, and with virtual accessories for your character.

Some of the 25 included games that you can play are: Dunk Tank, Spilled Milk, Balloon Darts, Meter-O-Love, Ring Toss, Day At The Races, Hole In One, Clown Splash, Shooting Gallery, and more.

When you first enter the carnival you come upon a sign that directs you to the different game alleys.  There is Fortune Way, Love Lane, Rodent Row, Claw Alley, and Lucky Pass.  In each alley there are 2 “Super Games” that are modified runs of the originals in that alley.  These “Super Games” need to be unlocked.  In order to unlock you must win a jumbo prize in one of the 2 games nearest to the locked game sign.

My daughter loves to play Day At The Races, my wife loves to play Alley Ball, and I love to play Shooting Gallery.

It is just like being at the carnival in real life.

I give Carnival Games a 10 out of 10.

You can also head on over to the Official Nintendo Wii site to view lists of games, and accessories to pimp out your Wii.  Currently there are more than 600 games listed.

We are looking to purchase Mini Golf, and a few other titles.  Keep checking for more reviews.  Each week we will feature 1 Nintendo Wii game, or Nintendo DS game.  We will do this until we run out of games, or money… Whichever comes first.

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4 Responses to Wii Carnival Games Review

  1. Pizzafan…You may.  Who knows… maybe an extra life.

  2. Aaah, games, they’ve taken so much of my precious lifetime already. I wonder if I’ll get a bonusgame when I die =P

  3. Tom…Everyone has something they do in their spare time.  Actually games increase my mind.  I think ahead.  I act ahead.  Some play games, and some go on lots of trips… Guess it is all in the mind of the beholder.

  4. Too much fun and games improves the thumbs not the mind.