Wife Swap Couple Living For What?

The other night my wife, and I watched Wife Swap.  The episode we watched was the one with the family that was “ALWAYS” preparing for Dec. 2012.  While we watched this show we didn’t miss the one absolutelly funny thing that the husband said.  This was that they purchased some tvs, and stuff with no interest until 2012.  Well, I would hate to see their credit card bills, and their financial situation when TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) happens.  What a bunch of “Maroons!”  You have to be a blooming idiot to do what these 2 are doing. The kids are who I feel sorry for. I mean come on… the do nothing because a disaster could happen at anytime.

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One Response to Wife Swap Couple Living For What?

  1. How many times has someone predicted the end–even the crisis for the computer world at the turn of the century? Better to look to today’s worries and not get ahead of oneself.