Wife Must Try Everything

My wife has done a stunning job with her dieting over the past 2 years.  She has impressed everyone.  The little one, and I are very proud of her.  The last few days she has been reading up on every type of weight loss solution there is being that she isn’t going back into the weight loss class next year.  I found her looking up info on Acai Berry, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and my computers have so many different histories on things like www.quicktrimreviews.com, and a lot of others.  She wants to keep the weight down, and continue trying to lose more if she can.  I don’t want to stop her from her searches, but she needs to figure out one way, and stick to it.  Jumping around different weight loss methods isn’t going to help her.  We both agree that she will not get the bypass done.  This is because in all reality the bypass surgery is for those that either can’t, or won’t put some effort into weight loss.  My wife is a proven fact to this thought of mine.

Do you know anyone that has the same issue?  Please tell us more of what they did.

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One Response to Wife Must Try Everything

  1. You really should get all the facts about bariatric surgery. It should be avoided if there is another way. Somethines there isn’t though.