Wife Looked into Nutrisystem

I was helping the wife make some decisions about the upcoming months, and her dieting. She saw something about Nutrisystem so I helped her look over the information that they have on their site.  She never knew she could eat food as good as what you see…


What we found is that there are numerous packages available based on what you want to do.  Some of the things we liked are:

  • Auto delivery system so she won’t run out.
  • Everything is prepackaged.
  • Access to professionals anytime.
  • Live chat sessions with registered dieticians.
  • She can cancel ANYTIME.

The package she thought of was the “D” Diabetic package.  It is clinically tested to lose weight, lower the sugar, and help her with her type 2 diabetes.  She could choose from 140+ meal options.  It is restaurant style eating.

There are 2 others that we looked at.  The Flex, and the Select.

The Flex is the least expensive program.  It is @ $100 less than the standard program.  You get 20 days of food, and you get to take 2 days off the program per week.  Cost is @ $7 per day.

The Select allows you to mix your 3 weeks of menu items with frozen meals for 1 week.

The best feature of the Nutrisystem program is that it has FREE delivery.

We will see if we can afford doing Nutrisystem.  Money is tight, but they do have a program that works from what we have heard from others, and success stories that are listed on their site.

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