Wife Is Annoying Me

Back about 1 1/2 years ago I saw my doctor for a routine checkup.  He said that he was a bit concerned with my weight.  I started working with my uncle, and I was doing good at loosing a bit of weight because I was painting in rooms that were extremelly hot, and made me sweat.  Well, now that I haven’t been able to work for my uncle because my business took off again my wife is leaning on me that I should see the doctor, and maybe loose a bit more weight.  What she doesn’t understand is that I don’t get to snack much, as we don’t purchase many snacks, and I only eat what I am given.  How can a person gain weight with those factors involved?  I am waiting for my wife to tell me that she is restricting me to only vitamins and supplements.  That will be when I have to start buying my own foods, and snacks.  Women are so hard to deal with.

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