Wife Has Found Some Solutions For Eczema

Over the years we have tried to find simple solutions for our little ones eczema problem.  We had doctors try different solutions, and we kept looking for a solution that will work routinely.  My wife was on the internet searching for a natural eczema treatment the other night, and she found some tips.  We are reluctant to try them because they are FREE for the most part.  What we didn’t know completely was that soaps, chemicals, and anything that dries things out aren’t good for eczema.

While you can try things that others have on the market keep in mind that some of the things you read on the net do cost.

Some of the tips for eczema were:

Sunbathing – It kills the bacteria

Light Mudpacks

Do you have any home brewed solutions?  Please do tell.

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One Response to Wife Has Found Some Solutions For Eczema

  1. I have endured the pain of eczema for many years. It was very difficult as a child. I feel for anyone who has this illness.