Wife Doesn’t Understand

I am a big video gamer, and since the 2nd of March I have been attached to my living room chair for good portions of the day.  Why you ask…  Well, on the 2nd of March I got to get my copy of Battlefield Bad Company 2.  While I was the only one to have it out of my friends at that point now almost all of the guys I know have gotten their copy, and we try to play often.

My neighbor Bob, and my friend Matt are big Battlefield fans.  My brothers used to play Battlefield, but I guess that was just a phase.  I got one of my “Technically Challenged” friends (Keith) to get Battlefield, and now we have included him in our squad.

Now if I could just get my wife to leave me alone for a bit I could get some good shooting done.  All she does now is picks on me, and says I am going to need a fat burner because I play the game quite a bit.  I work when I can, but if I have no work I think it is cheaper to sit down, and enjoy a good game.  Each of us has a serious stereo system pumping the gunfire out, and our living rooms sound like warzones.

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