Wife And Dieting Class

My wife was contacted by her weight loss organizer this week.  The lady wants to put together an article about her being a 3 time winner, and also part of the 100 lb. club.  She was very happy to receive this email, and she said she would gladly allow this.

I am very proud of my wife with all that she has done with her weight loss.  It would almost seem like diet class is the best weight loss supplement that she could find.  She doesn’t purchase anything special, and she seems happy with her weight loss.

She will be returning to weight loss class again in a few weeks.  I told her to make sure she had her fun now, because once class starts she won’t be able to go off much.

Some people need pills, and special foods.  Well, my wife only needs pure will power.

Good job Deb.

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One Response to Wife And Dieting Class

  1. Kudos to your wife. I have been battling my weight all my life. It certainly does feel good to lose weight and keep it off. Sure, willpower is the key. And it is also helpful to have the support of loved ones, friends and groups.