Widgets & Blog Speed

I have been learning from various experimentations that even though you may like a widget that is added to WordPress, you need to decide wisely which widgets you actually use.

I just did a major site overhaul to reduce the amount of widgets that my sites were running.  After I cut out @ 10 widgets my site seems to be moving a lot faster than it previously did.

Take a peek, and see if you can see the difference…

Http://www.disneycontestblog.com & Http://www.myblogs4u.com.

Some of the widgets that I found were slowing me were:

Wp-SpamFree, WP-Greet, WP-Stats, WassUp, Referrer Detector, Adman, Maintenance Mode, GD Star Ratings

If you don’t really need it, then deactivate it, and delete it.

WP-SpamFree actually seems to parallel Akismet, and WassUp doesn’t do much more than Blog Stats.  WP-Greet is not absolutelly necessary, & Referrer Detector is actually pointless if you are configured for Google.

What happens is that based on the amount of plugins your blog must call the server database a set amount of times.  The more times you call your database… The longer it takes to load.

Hopefully this helps everyone with gaining some speed in your blog.

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One Response to Widgets & Blog Speed

  1. Thanks for your iinput but did not understand a word of the above. I will refer it to Big T and Bunny who maintain my own blog site–I only write.