Why You Need RV Awnings on a Camper

We only started camping as a family last year. Previously we would go away with my parents from time to time when they went to Disney World.

This past year we took our 15″ camper to Jellystone Campground in NJ.  When I set up the camper I thought about not opening the awning.  My wife decided that we really needed to, as there was a 50% chance of rain.  I opened it, and she was happy.  I think I will eventually get a new one, as it is a royal pain to set up.  Later we also found that squirrels, and other animals tend to drop lots of things down, and they always seem to land right in front of the campers.

After we had our site all up, and running a few other RV units came in, and started setting up.  Within minutes they had their entire camper watered, electrified, sewered, and leveled.  I next noticed several of them start to open their RV Awnings.  They popped a latch, or two, and the awning was up.

I really need to get up to speed with the camping scene, as we are supposed to start camping a lot more this year.  Camping is great.  I just get a little homesick when I don’t have my PS3, or my internet.

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One Response to Why You Need RV Awnings on a Camper

  1. More mechanized awnings are expensive. Yours originally cost about a thou.