Why Does It Seem I Pay More?

We were looking through our expenses this month, and found a few that we wanted to enquire into so that we knew why we were so high priced?  One of the problem bills was our car insurance.  We were told that collision, and all the bells and whistles costs.  We asked if there was anything we could do to get it a bit lower.  Knowing that I don’t want to sacrifice anything that may be necessary I decided that I would just call around, and get a auto insurance quote from a few of the companies that claim to be lower than mine.  After pricing them we found that they were actually a bit higher.  I told the wife not to worry about that right now, and we would look into it again in a few months.

Word to the wise… Don’t change your insurance company that you have had for many years for another that is just a bit cheaper.  Things like Accident Forgiveness, and Disappearing Deductible don’t happen if you just joined a new insurance company.

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