Where I live… South Toms River

When I first bought my house back in early 2000, the taxes were @ $2400 a year.  Over the past few years I have been noticing a drastic increase.  I recently got a statement showing that our taxes are now @ $4200 a year.

The town that I live in is almost the same as it was back when I was a child.  No major improvements.  The only changes that I see are: The police have nicer cars, The police have offroad vehicles, the town has a robotic garbage truck, the town now has a specific NEW truck for who knows what it really is used for.

The town I live in has a code enforcement officer that only enforces what the town council wants him to.  I think he should just go out, and do his job, and show how he can make a difference.  That would generate money for a vast amount of things.

The town has a council that can’t make decisions, or answer questions.  I went to a meeting last year, and brought them a laundry list of things I wanted addressed, or answered.  Well, a year later I still have no answers.

The crosswalk, on Chamberlain Rd., for the children is still unpainted.  There are people in the neighborhood that outright violate numerous codes by things that they do.  One house has a basketball hoop hanging off the curb into the road.  When you complain, the town says something, and they take it away for a while. 

There are several houses that are rented… That’s not the problem… There are no C.O.’s for those houses.  When the code enforcer was asked about them he said that the town doesn’t want him looking into this.  I believe the rental properties here is at @ 40%.  The landlords from Lakewood pick up the houses cheap, and then rent them out for quick cash.  They don’t care about laws, and code.

The town has a street sweeper that is broken down more than it is working.  I also understand that the town recently changed their procedures for police impound.  They now are going to store the cars on what is called the “Town Garage”, and the tow company will only tow it there, thus making it so they aren’t taking care of it.  The town is supposed to have cameras on this property now, also.

With the way the town was, and the way it is now, more people are rethinking if it is worth staying here.  The town does nothing visible.  Why pay @ $4200 a year for a property in South Toms River when you can live in Toms River, or the surrounding towns for only a little more, but you see where your tax dollars are going.

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