When Do Parents Act Like Parents?

I have never said that I am a perfect parent, nor will I ever say I am one.  I will however say that I will bring my daughter up with the values that I believe a young lady should have.  I am a firm believer that a parent should act like a parent, and not a friend to their children.  The parent is supposed to be there to guide their child through life until they are ready to go out on their own.  This is what I thought a parent was intended for.  I normally don’t care what other parents do with their children, but when it has something to do with family it just totally changes the situation a bit.

Here is why I say this… First we were told that someone we know was engaged at 15.  We weren’t even told this by word of mouth.  We found this out because of a posting on Facebook.  When we heard of this we asked the mother, and we were told that this is how they do things out where they are.  She also told us that they wanted to get married after 3 weeks of knowing each other.  Well, here at my house the boy would have been questioning the meaning of life if this had happened to my daughter.  Maybe the mother feels that way about her community, but I highly doubt that this is true.

Well, to top that off we recently came to find out that someone we know is pregnant at a way younger age than most parents would normally allow.  Why didn’t someone take the boy for a seriously long walk.  Maybe a run-in with the law, or just a restraining order would have done if you didn’t want anything “STUPID” to happen.  Let’s just say that “15” is too young.  Well, my wife spoke with the mother, and was basically told that they (the parents) knew that she was having “Boy/Girl” extra-curricular activities because they were purchasing items for them to practice “Safely.”

Well, we have never felt that there were any evident parental skills shown as far as we have seen, and this comes as a fully true statement now.  The parents have promoted this child ruining her life.  The child can’t even get a job yet because of labor laws.  Whether they realize it or not the child will end up dropping out of school, not having a childhood, and more than likely will barely be able to afford a child.  I know how hard it is to have a child.  I have one, and I can’t work enough to be sure that my entire family is fully secure.  Money has been rough with the way the economy is.  There is no question about that.  My wife just wishes that she took more time to talk to this person, as she feels that maybe she could have helped kept some of this from happening.  I ask her if the new web conferencing phones have a “Smack”, “Beat”, or “Kick” buttons integrated into them.

Moral of the story…

“Parents please take a good look at your children and their actions.  Ask if that is how you would have been brought up, and ask yourself if that is how you think they should be brought up.”

Note:  No names have been mentioned to protect the innocent.  Woops!  There is no innocent in this matter.  How about a visit to Steve Wilkos Show, or Oprah, or some tv show that will expose the brilliant wonders in this matter.  BTW… If the parties that this is about don’t like what I have to say… Well… Tough.  Why not ask your son how his life turned out.  Think he will tell you what he feels?

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2 Responses to When Do Parents Act Like Parents?

  1. I do agree with you about this. For the most part I have noticd many parents don’t care about what their little “gems” do, and as such the children turn out to be tyrants. In this case I think the parents are pitiful because they knew about it, and allowed it.

  2. Look to the parental values–children often mirror them. Such a waste!
    When babies have babies, the children grow as their moms and dads did.
    Too bad romantics of all ages think sex equals love….
    The babies are the ones that all this messes up and society pays.