What Vacations with You?

Have you ever gone away on vacation, and had to stop off at a hotel/motel to catch some sleep?  Even though it may look like the cleanest place, there is still the chance that there may be “bed bugs” creeping around.


Bed Bugs are tiny insects that feed on humans, and other warm blooded creatures.  They are not strictly nocturnal, so you may see them during the day.


I have never had the opportunity to see bed bugs, nor do I want to see them.  Above you will see what a bed bug looks like on a piece of paper.

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a product called the BugZip.  The BugZip bed bug encasement is a zipper bag made of vinyl material.

How does it work… Well, I didn’t have the occassion to actually see any bed bugs, but the principal behind the product is that when you go away you unpack the BugZip, and basically dump your suitcase into the bag.  Take care when zipping the zippers, as they need to be closed completely to be fully effective.

When you leave the location, you simply transfer everything into the suitcase, and dispose of the bag.  The bags are not meant for reuse.  At home you can reuse them within the same room, but not within many rooms.

I found the product very easy to use, and I would use it again if I were to go away.

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3 Responses to What Vacations with You?

  1. My friend got bed bugs in house from babysitting someone.
    She had to extermite 2x and buy brand new mattresses
    and throw out the old ones. (they look gross!)

  2. Pat…You obviously didn’t read what it does, or how it works.

  3. Bet a large thick gauged lawn and trash bag would do the same thing only lots cheaper.