What Is Wrong With Towns In My Area?

I live in South Toms River, NJ, and over the past few years I have gotten more, and more aggravated with the situation I am living in.  I live in a town that absolutelly nothing has changed in since I moved in back in the early 90’s.  When my mother in law had the house we are in she was paying @$1800 per year in taxes.  I know that taxes go up for the most part on a yearly basis.  Well, a few years back after our addition was done we got our new tax bill, and it was @$4500.  The wife and I have decided to appeal our taxes this year so that we can see where we get.  When I say that nothing has changed in our town… NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

In another town not far from mine a friend has a business that has “Emergency” vehicles.  They tend to police impounds, and other emergency work.  He was just telling me that the ordinance for the town makes it so he can have his truck at his home, but the police are going by the “Registered” weight.  My friend took his truck down to the official scales for vehicles and got a weight ticket.  He went back to the police and they said that they are interpreting that the truck loaded is overweight, and that is the weight they are going to work with no matter what.

Why are so many towns trying to beat the residents up?  Without the residents these towns won’t exist.

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2 Responses to What Is Wrong With Towns In My Area?

  1. I can really relate to you I live in no where land Penascola Forida. We moved here because my husband in the military 14 years ago. This town as not changed one bit but has gotten worse over te years. Our taxes are going up too every year but they still have no money, this past Christmas they didn’t even decorate the down town with lights. Then they have the nerve to hire a new mayor and pay him over 200,000 a year LOL too funny!

  2. Laws and rules are made to be followed as written not broken or misinterpreted.