What I Want For Christmas

For some time I have been asking SANTA for some things for the one thing that I drive a lot.  I want some truck accessories.  I used to have my truck all decked out with things like Sirius Satellite Radio, DirecTV, a 9″ lcd monitor, and more.  Very little things are left from my “Fully Loaded” days.  I think I still have my GPS, and my 600 watt power inverter left.

These things were initially put in when I was driving the truck @8 hours a day, and also they came in useful when we drove to Florida.

I have wanted things like a toneau cover, or even a new stereo for the truck.  We never really came to terms on what I wanted, but now I am sure that I want to get my truck back to the way I want it being that I drive it considerable.

What gadgets do you have in your vehicle, and do you love to have TOYS?

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One Response to What I Want For Christmas

  1. I myself just was happy to have air conditioning and a CD player which I never had before.
    My husband on the other hand, has Sirius radio/heated seats/and a skylight window,and also that blue button “on star” which is kinda cool. If you need help or assistance all you do is press a button and someone comes on the speaker to answer your question.
    He is very happy with all his features in his Suburban and why not?
    He has never had a descent car during his whole life!