What Does The Health Reform Mean To Us?

I know that the President has made it with his health care reform.  What does the legislature actually mean to most of us?  I don’t really know, but would like to.  I know that prior to the package being passed we heard about it quite a bit.  Now that it is passed we all hear small reports about it, but nothing major.  I was reading that even Blue Cross Blue Shield NC had started a campaign against the package, and the customers were a little irate because they obviously spent money to do this, and that would generally effect the policyholders.  Here in NJ we didn’t get anything that I can think of.  I am not really sure that it will actually hurt most of the lower class people of the U.S.  Some people have little insurance if any, so having some sort of guaranteed insurance will help a lot of people out.

What is your take on the Presidents healthcare package?

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One Response to What Does The Health Reform Mean To Us?

  1. The worst part is people do not understand that the new healthcare plan doesn’t start till four years from now and think it is effective immediately.