Waterlicious Drink Review


My daughter is on a soccer team, and brings drinks to practice, and games.  Recently we found a drink called Waterlicious.  We found one SoccerBerry.  We try not to allow the little one to drink many things that have a large amount of sugars in them. 

The drinks are made of natural ingredients added to purified water.  They contain half the sugar of fruit juice.  Best part is that they contain no preservatives.  They have 50 calories per serving.

The flavors available are: Soccer Berry, Super Apple, Peach, Lemon, Grape, Pineapple, Watermellon, Cherry, and Strawberry Banana.


One of the biggest notes about Waterlicious is:




Fiber Content: Waterlicious is the first children’s water product to include fiber.  Fiber has been identified as a key element in preventing child obesity.



While my daughter thought it smelled, and tasted like medicine, the wife, and I found that the drinks were rather tasty.


Stop by Waterlicious to learn more.  You can also shop online at Waterlicious.Com.

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One Response to Waterlicious Drink Review

  1. I’ve never heard of these drinks at least they’re natural but they should taste good too!!