Waring Pro Wine Opener Review


I was looking for a gift for my wife for her birthday.  My wife and I found a Waring Pro wine opener.  Being that everytime we open a wine, or champagne bottle with a cork we have issues we decided to pick one up.

The unit comes packaged with a charging stand, cutter, and the wine opener.  Seeing this in action at my house was like a performance.  Wife grabbed the unit, put it on the bottle, and pressed the button.  The cork was out, and it never flew once.  There are 2 buttons on the unit.  One is for taking cork out of the bottle, and the other is for taking the cork out of the unit.  They say it opens 80 bottles on the units rechargeable battery, but I don’t think I will have 80 bottles to open anytime soon.

I really find this product to be very handy for us.  We have quite a few manual bottle openers around, but now they are since retired.

They should have this item in all fine restaurants.  No more problems, or mess.

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