Wanting And Getting

Many years ago my parents gave me a Ford F150 truck for a wedding gift.  It was unique, and something that I had always wanted.  The truck was made when trucks were made with real parts.  It had big tires, and it was lifted to maximum legal capabilities at that point in time.

99 DONE 1

I had to get rid of the truck because it was getting to be a money pit, and I couldn’t afford it anymore.  Well, we now have a camper.  A few months ago I told my wife that I wouldn’t mind getting a bigger camper so that we could camp more comfortable than we currently do.  Well, she handed me a matchbox camper, and said that that would be the closest I came to getting a bigger camper for now.

Her handing me a matchbox was like handing a Ferrari enthusiast a few Ferrari parts, and telling them that they couldn’t have the car, just that.  I am not trying to get something to just have it.  I honestly do want a bit bigger of a camper.  I also do realize that the economy isn’t getting much better, and I want to be sure the roof over our heads is paid for.  Then again, if I had the bigger camper, and the bank foreclosed then we could move into the camper.  Hmmm.  I think I better go, as I am not thinking straight.

Moral of the story… You can want, but what you get may not be exactly what you wanted.

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