Vado Pocket Video Cam Contest

For all of you out there that are looking to enter a contest all you need to do is click on over to:

You can win one of 10 Creative Labs Vado Pocket Video Cams.

Hop on over, and enter to win.

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One Response to Vado Pocket Video Cam Contest

  1. Creative just sent me an email noting Vado Silver on sale for $79. I own both the original Vado (“standard definition”) and the HD. Both really shoot nice video and are a snap to use. Both are prefect for tossing in my bag wherever I go. I don’t get all wigged out taking them places unlike when I’m shooting with more expensive gear. I have also tried the Flip and Kodak. Creative’s Vado edges both of them out IMHO. Good stuff.

    Here’s a link to the Vados: