Vacationing In Missouri

Since my sister-in-law, and her family moved my wife has talked to me about possibly taking a trip out to see them.  She doesn’t want to do it right now, but she is thinking of the idea.  Last time we were there we found a place called the The Butterfly Place.  My daughter loved it, as she loves butterflies.  We had looked into a few other area attractions, but couldn’t justify the money.  That was also the same vacation that we found out about Sonic.  Now that Sonic is right here in our area we know it all too well.  Branson vacations aren’t exactly my thought of a vacation, but if it makes the wife happy, then I am open to the thoughts.

Have you ever visited Branson?  If so, then what did you think of it?  I don’t personally like the living out west because of the distance you have to travel to do anything.

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2 Responses to Vacationing In Missouri

  1. Nancye Davis

    When I was about 13 we went to St. Louis to see the Arch. My brother-in-law and my nephew went up to the top. The rest of us were too chicken!!

  2. richard cataldi

    We never had money to take a “real trip” to places that you stayed in a hotel and went out for the day. However, what we afford is to pack the car or truck with coolers and food ( stay away from fast food) and did a road trip. Sit down and map out things that are free or on the route to see and Donna and jay as the final destination. Stay in parks that offer camping and showers. A lot of times, you can get a campground for 10.00 a night and have some outside fun in the process. Camping gear can be had from friends or buy it. Tents are self supportive meaning they go up and come down with little effort. Kids love to build a fire and it’s a chance for every one to work at something as a group. There are a lot of camp grounds all over the Blue Ridge and smokier mountains. Branson is a gambling town and what you save somewhere you will lose in the casinos. Good luck