Utterly Poor Service – UPS

Like the title?  I have found out what the initials really mean.

UPS… There not brown for just any reason!  Maybe they are the *@#%!  <—What everyone does to expell waste.

Take note that this is not the first time I have had shipping issues with UPS.  I am sure it won’t be the last.  I will not ship with UPS, but my suppliers won’t change their ways.  Some must really find value in incompetence.

I had computerized item shipped to me for a customer on Tuesday.  I was supposed to install the item on Friday for the customer.  After tracking the package I made a note to make sure someone would be around to get the package on Friday.  Friday came, and my wife rearranged her schedule to be home as much as possible so not to miss receiving the package.

Friday after I returned home I check the package, and it had been updated that there was an exception.  I immediatelly called, and spoke with a supervisor.  I was told that they were going to retag the item, and ship it overnight for Saturday delivery.  I told them that they would need to work on the issue, but I would smooth it over with my customer.

Saturday came, and I had to run out.  I left a note “in case” they showed up.  Notice that I already assumed that the irresponsibility on the part of UPS would continue.  I called up at around 12pm, and asked about the status.  They couldn’t find the tracking information, and in less words stated that “UPS has no real obligation to make sure a package gets to its destination by any sort of deadline.”

I called on Monday to see what the status was, and I was really floored to find out that the package was still on its way to NJ.  The package will not be at my location until at least Wednesday.  The customer service rep, Jennifer Spencer, in the main UPS office stated once again that “UPS is not responsible for consequential damages resulting from a package not arriving on time.” 

At this point I have a customer that feels my company is not responsible enough to do its job, and they don’t want me doing their work.  They will not pay me for any services dealing with this package.  They will pay for the package, but not the services I will need to render.  They could sue me at this point for not getting their system up and running in a timely fashion.  Basically I am a loser in this no matter how you shake the bag.

I basically asked the girl this… If you had to receive an item the next day… MANDATORY, and it didn’t get to you, wouldn’t you want to know who was going to be responsible in the end?  She hedged around, and said she understood my situation, but UPS will only work out possible reimbursement on the charges for the shipping.  Nothing else.  The girl stated that it is in their contract to do everything possible to make the shipment on time.  When it can’t be made on time, then shipping charges can be reimbursed.

Well, I have this question… When does everyone in the world have to take an active responsibility in their jobs, and duties?  If I did this to a customer I would loose that customer, and possibly quite a few would follow in those footsteps of not dealing with me.  Actually I think that I would more than likely have to find a new job.  I asked how to get a letter to the CEO, or someone a lot higher, and I was told that no matter what all letters go to the customer service department.  They sometimes forward letters up from there.

In my business, as “MOST” of the living world… I make commitments to customers.  I would have thought that the UPS website stating that my package would be at its destination by a certain date would mean that it would be here without hesitation.  Boy was I wrong.  And even on the slowest way possible by UPS the package still didn’t get here on time.  It says something for the company.

I advised the manager / supervisor that I would be publishing this on my site, and many others.  I did in fact state that it wasn’t a threat, but a promise that I will do everything in my legal power to let majority of the world know how great a company UPS is.  NOT!

Take heed this… UPS is a worthless company.  They have some great policies.  NOT!

I think based on everything involved that contacting the BBB, Consumer Relations, Attorney General, and a few other government entities may be in line at this point.  I am sure there is some sort of oversight committee somewhere that could have a field day with UPS, as I am sure other people have had the same issue.  I am sure the right person can get somewhere with this.

In NJ we are having a budget issue.  If the budget isn’t finished by a certain time the state closes until the problem is fixed.  Well, I guess if NJ was UPS they could just say that there was a problem, and they couldn’t help it.  I think not.  I stated this to the girl… If UPS had a whole distribution center go down because their computers all failed, and they couldn’t work because of that, and a computer company came out, promised to have it working, and couldn’t finish because of a stupid issue if UPS would more than likely sue the computer company for not completing service appropriatelly.  I can be sure that they have lawsuit ready contracts to sue almost anyone that causes their operation to fail.

Don’t use UPS for your shipping needs.  Go through USPS, as their prices are a bit more reasonible anyway.  A postage stamp goes up .01 from time to time, while UPS goes up in whole dollars.  If anyone services UPS, then delay them to see how they like to deal with companies that don’t have to be accountable.

I even got smart with this article if you read the next part…  (I had to make sure to CMA in this situation… The UPS legal department will not be able to touch me after they read that.

Legal Disclaimer…

This post is strictly an opinion.  This opinion does not reflect the opinions of others, just the person writing this FACTUAL opinion.  The writer takes no responsibility for CONSEQUENTIAL damages caused by this article, or by his verbal conveyances.

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3 Responses to Utterly Poor Service – UPS

  1. I would not have settled without getting the name of the person or people wo whom you spoke then telling the person(s) directly I am quoting what you said as “…..whatever” then asking them who their customer satisfaction person is as well as their CEO or authority of equal title/rank.

  2. Debbie…I am sure everyone is oh..So sorry… That doesn’t help with my situation in one bit, and UPS has its own policies.  Well, I have a policy to make sure crappy service receives “Great Reviews.”  You can contact me, but I doubt there is anything you will be able to do to help me with this situation.

  3. Hi John:

    Wow, it sounds like you’ve really had a difficult experience with UPS. My name is Debbie Curtis-Magley and I work with UPS Public Relations.

    I want to offer my sincere apologies for the frustrations you’ve encountered with our delivery service. I’d like to help get this issue addressed and regain your trust in our company. Please contact me at upsfeedback@ups.com.