Using Laptops Almost Anywhere Review & Contest

How many of you have had to put your laptop on your lap, or another hard surface just to use it?  I used to, and now I have the ultimate solution for everyone that has this problem.

futuraI recently had the opportunity of being asked to try out the Futura Laptop Desk by LapWorks.  When you first get the item it comes all folded up nice, and neat.  I found this to be very convenient to use when I am out and about, or at home moving around the house.  There was an additional Futura Mouzpad that simply clips onto the Laptop Desk.

There are many different models available at LapWorks.  There seems to be a selection for just about everyone.

The way that the desk is designed gave my laptop some much needed cooling help.  When youfutura2 have your laptop on your lap there is a tendancy to have a serious amount of heat buildup.  Taking the desk with me was very easy.  All you have to do is fold it up, and go.  When I have my laptop on the table, or desk it also serves a second purpose of being a stand.  The one that I have measures 21″ long, and 11″ wide when opened flat. 

For more information, or purchasing you can go to the LapWorks website.

This is definitelly an item to put on the list of gifts for her, or gifts for him.

The Futura Laptop Desk has a cost of $29.95, and is available in gray, or black.  The Mouzpad is available for $9.95, but when bundled can be gotten for $5.

For a chance to win (1) of the LapWorks Desks you can enter our contest.  Read on for more information.

All you have to do to be entered is:

Visit the LapWorks site, and leave a comment here telling me which desk would work best for you, and why you would like it.  (Main entry must be completed for any others to count.)

Additional entries: (Each of these are worth 1 extra entry)


On one of the sites that I am part of there is information on how you can receive 5 extra entries.  (It will be one of the first posts on that site.)

Contest will run from 11/13/2009 through 11/30/2009.

*Twitter account must have more than 25 to be counted.

Keep checking the site, as I do email the winners, but I am not responsible if you do not receive it.  All winners have 3 days to respond before a new winner is pulled randomly.

You can also stop by MomsBlogs4U, and enter the contest over there.

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