Updates To My Computers

Recently I did a mass updating of all the computers in my house.  Out of all the computers we have 2 laptops that are Windows 7, 1 desktop that is Windows 7, 3 desktops that are Windows Vista, and 3 servers.  There always seems to be some sort of update to the computers, but I tend to do all the computers at once.  On my last update I got to put in Windows Internet Explorer 8.  That update asked me if I wanted Bing as my new search engine, and I can’t say that I want to change from what I consider having one of the best web directory systems around… Google.

I am not the type of person that likes change, and I hate it when companies try to get you to change by throwing stuff into updates, and websites.

As with most PC things I am subject to this type of thing because it is a PC, and these are things that get done to PCs.  I have been a PC person for many years, and that will never change.  I have a Mac on a shelf in case I ever need it for data work on any customers computers.  The day that I operate a “Crack”-Mac will be the day that I give up my profession.  There are other explanations as to why you would want a Mac, but for the most part you have to be very “Simple” to operate one of them.  I call them that because you need to be either…

1. On crack, and don’t know what you are getting into…


2. Selling crack because they cost MUCH more than a PC…

I give the Mac this credit… I love working on them because they cost so much to fix, and there is huge markup on the parts, and labor being that not many people know much about the repair side of them.  Here is something to think about… If Mac/Apple computers were at the “TOP” of their game, then why would they have a computer that could run a Microsoft Windows Operating System?  HMMMMM?  The Mac/Apple is still only good for 1 thing as far as I am concerned, and even that is getting to be a tight race.  This would be graphic editing.

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