UHaul Rental Experience

I rented a UHaul for moving my brother in law this past week.  Upon arrival I found out that the website doesn’t tell you about local rentals.  It seems that there are unpublished specials for local rentals of equipment.  The prices for the truck and trailer was decent.

Getting the truck at 2pm meant I had to make sure it was back by 2pm on whatever day.  I never realized how badly beat up the trucks, and trailers at UHaul would be until I went to rent one.

Based on the amount of furniture, and other things that you have you can choose from as small as 10ft all the way up to a 26ft.  There is also a small selection of trailers.

My rental experience went well.  The first truck got brought to me was a 17ft, and short of the MANY damage stickers, and a tire with a slash in it there was nothing wr0ng.  HAHA.  I sent it back, and the girl told me that at the end of the month they aren’t supposed to rent for more than 1 day.  She said she would do it anyway.  She brought me a 10ft truck with a trailer.  She was discounting it to be the same price as the first one.


I found that UHaul doesn’t fill the gas tanks back up.  They make you bring it back with the same amount of gas in it.  That would be fine, but when you are at 1/4 tank of gas it is a bit hard to know exactly how much you can put in without giving them more than they deserve back.

Anyway, the experience with UHaul was OK, and I would probably do business with them again in the future if I ever needed to.

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