Trying To Lose Some Extra Weight

I decided to make my wife, daughter, and doctor happy.  I am also making myself happier because I should be around longer if I take a little better care of myself.  Think of me as a “Classic Automobile.”  If I am not well taken care of, then I will be a “Classic Junk Mobile.”  Anyways… My wife walks almost nightly to help with her weight loss, and she used to ask me all the time to join her.  This week I finally asked her if she minded me walking with her.  I thought I would have to call the paramedics because she was so shocked that I was willing to do some actual exercise.

Prior to this I would be at home with the little one, and we would do our own things while mom was out.  Now we take our walks, and being our little one isn’t so little we lock her in the house, and take our 1/2 hour walk.  She is more than responsible, and trustable to be home alone.  So the first night we got 5 minutes into our walk, and the little one calls.  “Just checking on you.”  At about 15 minutes in she calls again.  “I am bored.”  We got through the rest of the walk, and got home.  We both told her that she needs to just find things to do like read, watch tv, play a game, etc.  She said OK.

Last night we went for our walk.  We told her that she didn’t need to call us unless it was an emergency.  At @10 minutes in she called us, and wanted to check on us.  At about 20 minutes she called, and said she was bored.  We once again told her to do something constructive.  We even hinted that she needed to get her video game reviews done so that we could get them published.

After hanging up I joked with the wife that it’s amazing that when I am home she isn’t bored.  She finds a lot to do, and I usually don’t hear from her.  Now that we are both walking the little one is bored.  We want her to walk, so we told her the next time she says she is bored she will be walking with us.  I then turned to the wife, and jokingly asked if she could use some hemorrhoid relief.  You see my wife has gone through this before with other things.  The little one has a rather tight umbilical cord, and can’t seem to let go.

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One Response to Trying To Lose Some Extra Weight

  1. I feel for ya. I have a 12 year old that is the same way. He can’t stand to be by himself. He gets lonely. I have two older ones that chomp at the bit to play “only” kids every once in a while. Not this one…..I’ll be gone 15 minutes and he has to know where exactly we are and when will we be home…..