Trashy Or Flashy?

I didn’t get the one thing that I have wanted for Christmas for many years.

"All I Want For Christmas..." (Not the dog!)

I just saw some of the photos from this years festivities in Times Square.  I also just saw a survey that was on TMZ.  Do you think that the women in music have taken their dressing styles to a level that is just wrong, or do you find it ok?  Here is a photo of Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah from the 2009 New Years Party in Times Square.

Do you find the outfit Jennifer is wearing to be a bit “Appealing?”  What do you think about Mariah’s outfit?  Personally I love Mariah, and will never have anything bad to say about her.  My wife knows that I would love to meet her, but we both know that will never happen.

As a side note… After seeing those photos I found a photo of Mariah in Disney World.

What do you think of the photos from New Years 2009?

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