Too Much Worrying About Death

Have you ever noticed how much time is put into worrying about how much time one has to live?  I have noticed more, and more that there is a timeframe for practically everything.  With AIDS, cancer, and a few other medical issues that the medical field has “Calculated” what is expected for a person that has one of those diseases / sicknesses.  I am now noticing more sites showing the mesothelioma life expectancy.  If everyone would just live their life to the fullest we would all be much happier.  The doctors love this because when a company puts out medicine to help prolong the inevitable they promote it, and the companies appreciate it.  It is a win win for the doctors, and the companies.

Everyone just live your lives.  Don’t worry about the end.  Anything can change, and it isn’t always the sickness / disease that will cause your end.  I would think it would be easier to not know when something is going to happen.  By this I mean that someone doesn’t sit around waiting for it to happen.  What are your feelings?

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2 Responses to Too Much Worrying About Death

  1. Your right, death is nothing to worry about. After all we can not control whether we will die or not, because we all know, we all will, right? But we do have a choice in our eternity. That is what we should be focusing on.

  2. Being oblivious is as silly as being too much in the know.