To Pain Or Not To Pain…

beautytoolFor the most part my complexion has been pretty good for the last 19 years since I met my wife.  This may be partially caused by not eating as much junk foods, etc. as I did when I was younger.  The other day my wife came home with a “Blackhead Remover” tool.

It is made of a metal with a metal hoop on the end.  This is the end that does all the magic.  Well, the other day our little one decided to try it on her face.  This is a painful solution as far as I am concerned.  At first she complained that it was hurting.  Then she said it was ok.  I would suspect that she wasn’t using it correct.  I would think that the way she was screaming the first time that maybe acne treatments would be better.  They cost considerably more, but probably less painful.

Have you ever tried one of these?  Did you have any problems?

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