Tired Of Bad TV?

I have been a audio/video installer for 15+ years.  Throughout the years I have seen, and heard just about everything that you can imagine.  I have tried to explain for the past couple of years the difference between Digital, and Overlay Digital.  This became an easier task once I became an installer for Directv.

Here is the truth in as easy a way to explain…  This doesn’t have anything to do with FIOS.

When cabling is run to your house majority of the houses were installed with RG-59.  Only newer houses, or those rewired will have RG-6.  RG-6 wire is the only TRUE digital signal carrying wire.  The cable companies have a analog signal coming to your house, and their box gives what we call an “Overlay.”  On the other side of the coin is satellite.  The signal is TRUE digital because the installer is supposed to install new cabling from satellite systems like Directv.

The HD signal on a satellite system will far surpass those of a cable company.  On top of that the satellite companies have more channels to offer, and the price is lower than the average cable company.

Satellite service is available through Directv.

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