Things I want To Change In 2010

Now that the new year is upon us I have put some time into some of the things I want to get done.  I have been watching money go out the window for some time now, and I am going to take some action, and try to cut down on wasted money.

One thing that I want to get done is I want to get some life insurance.  Haven’t had any because of the cost involved.  I have been doing my research into the best term life insurance rates, and I am still not happy, but I have to think of my family at this point.

The next thing is that I want to get my car insurance lower.  I have been with Allstate for quite a many years, but I sometimes feel that I am paying a lot more than is necessary.  Every little bit counts in the money saving.

The last big thing I want to do is get my life in track with a new job.  The job I am at just isn’t cutting the bills the way that I want, so I must find a job first, as leaving without a job is just plain dumb.

What do you want to accomplish in 2010?

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2 Responses to Things I want To Change In 2010

  1. Pat… Sounds like great goals.

  2. I would like to cut credit card debt, get the house into shape in and out, loose more weight, and be closer to everyone without the tension of my kids’ sibling rivalries.