The Oscars Winners Are… Who Cares.

Have you ever noticed how much money gets wasted in the tv / movie industry?  Those trophies, and shows aren’t FREE.

I don’t watch the Oscars, Grammy’s, or any of that stuff like that on tv.  I am not into those things.  I watch CSI, NCIS, Numbers, Lost, and other tv series.  My wife watches the Oscars, and those types of things.  I can’t stand having to watch all these actors get awards, and things.

They make enough money, and don’t need to be awarded for doing their job.  I mean look at the money that they are making.  At the same time look at the amount of money that they spend in preparing for these awards shows.  I am not surprised by how many of them spend a serious pocket full of money.  Half of them look great after many stressful years.  Some even look anorexic.  It leads me to wonder how many are taking a diet pill with ephedra

Here is an idea… Let’s have a awards show that spotlights the actors / actresses that donate the most money to the U.S.  Instead of making news when they donate to 3rd world countries they could make news when they help the people of this country that are in need.  Here’s an even better thought… If they want to donate money let them as a group just give each person in the U.S. a designated amount of money.  It would help everyone in this time of economic worry.

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One Response to The Oscars Winners Are… Who Cares.

  1. lets have award$ for parents & grandparents that do the right things in life & for their kids….. and I mean $$$$$ Uncle Sam !!!!!