The Jokers I know…

In the past I have been one to not think things through when I answer my phone.

Previously my brother-in-law pranked me when I called his house by answering his phone “Brick Police Department.” After apologizing, and hanging up I called my sister once again. Again I heard “Brick Police Department.” This time I apologized, and advised them that I was only trying to contact my sister, and that I was not sure what was going on. Finally I called my sister from a totally different phone in my house in case my wires were crossed. I hear coming from the phone “Brick Police Department.” I tried to explain, and the voice advised me that if I didn’t stop calling for no reason that I would have some explaining to do at the headquarters. By that time I heard chuckling in the background, and put one, and one together. Everyone laughed.

Today, a buddy called, and left me a message stating he was with Circuit City, and wanted to know why my voice mail mentioned them, and they felt that I might be degrading their business. Well, I wrote down the number for the person, and decided I would call him, and nicely tell him off. I call the number, and got a guy on the phone that claimed he hadn’t called me, but would gladly discuss the matter. Shortly thereafter I recognized the voice, and couldn’t believe that once again I had been had.

The funny part on top of all of this is that the joking thing must be a Brick Township thing, as both people live in Brick Township, and both think they are commedians.

Don’t quit your day job Jim, and Ran.

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