The Digital Transition..No Picture in Most of NJ!

I am a private contractor that has been doing the installations of the Digital Converter boxes.  I am also licensed, and insured to do what I do, unlike half of the wanna be techs of this world.  I am finding more, and more that the people getting the digital converter boxes are not as educated about the situation as I would have thought they would have been.  Those commercials really didn’t educate anyone, and in the same manner the government really didn’t know what was going to happen when they flipped that switch.

I get to a lot of houses, and people are using the old style rabbit ears.  They may work in some areas, but here in NJ I have found ONLY 2 that have worked to date.  Most people need to get an outside antenna in this area.

The people at Radio Shack really don’t know what they are selling to the people.  The bad part of that is most of the people getting the boxes, and looking for service via the antenna are on fixed incomes, and can’t afford the miscellanous things that they are being sold.

I had one customer call me tonight stating their signal is great, but the salesman at Radio Shack told them that they needed an amplifier for the signal.  I explained to the customer that if the signal is good, then don’t touch it.  The amplifiers are really meant for the customers that have a lot of tvs, or large distance runs to get to the tvs.

For some strange reason NJ needs rooftop antennas.  I can’t explain it, but I am not the only tech that has seen this issue.  We have tried the @$70 antennas, and they don’t even work.  The easiest way for me to visualize the answer is this…

While this may not be proper tech terms I am putting it in small words so everyone can follow it.

NJ must be lower than the signal itself is that is coming out.  The signal isn’t going to make U-Turns, and K-Turns, or even Parallel Park.  The signal moves in a straight direction.  If you have an antenna that is on your first floor, then it isn’t going to reach the signal that is skimming your roof.

If you are in need of a rooftop antenna, then please consult with someone that knows what they are doing, and not some “JOE” that is out making a fast buck plugging in boxes.

What amazes me is that the government is paying techs like me to go out and hook up these boxes.  The money that got blown doing this could have been things like PROPERTY REBATES, and such that our fearless leader squashed.

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