For the past many years my sister has had Thanksgiving dinner at her house.  Usually it is a disaster consisting of arguments, and aggravation.  Surprisingly enough there were none to my knowledge.

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My family was almost an hour late… (Nothing out of the normal when you have a wife that always finds shopping to do somewhere.)  I was happy to see my family actually get along for once.  As my sister so bluntly puts it in her blog… My dad does handle a turkey right. While we are on the topic of birds… My wife left the cage unlatched to our cockatoo, Molly. She roamed for the most part of 5 hours. She was unhurt, but seemed clueless as to where we were initially. More on our cockatoo another time.

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One Response to Thanksgiving…2008

  1. Thanksgiving is always dysfunctional whether your family is normal or not!
    Glad Molly was unharmed and hope to hear more about her later on.