Technology Is My Friend

I am a big technology person.  I initially brought the first computer into my mother-in-laws home.  She didn’t know what to do with it, but she was going to try.  I have been the type to have to get the newest toys out on the market for many years.  I got the PSP, and the PS3 when they had just come out, and I still have them.

Recently I found a gadget that has been improved on several times.  It is called the Slingbox.  What the Slingbox does is that it allows you from anywhere in the world to watch tv, or whatever you have connected to the Slingbox.  You need to have a fast internet connection, or the item is practically worthless.

When I go to Disney I would love to have one of these, as the wife, and I love to watch the CSI shows, and all the other good nighttime shows that are out.

Have you tried the Slingbox, and what do you think?

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