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Estate Sales Are Handled Uniquely

I was just down in Southern New Jersey at an estate sale.  I have personally handled an estate sale in the past so I know how things are done.  I guess people that are just looking to get some sort of cash out of it will sell almost anything for almost any amount of money.

I went into the house and we were first asked if we wanted to buy any sports trophies.  The lady said it didn’t cost much to have a new name put on one.  I laughed and said No Thank You.  We then found a few things that I know could have been valuable to some collector somewhere.

When we did the estate sale for our friend we priced everything reasonable so that she could make some sort of money from the stuff.  These people seemed to just want to get rid of things.  It may have been better to just put it out and notate everything as FREE.

As we were getting ready to leave I found a 1970’s GI-Joe action figure.  It was still in the box, and in better condition than one would expect.  We will now try to sell it and see what we can get out of it.

Things Your Significant Other Purchases

My wife has always been a big Garage Sale / Yard Sale shopper.  She has made my little one into such a pain when it comes to seeing signs for either one.  Well, my wife called me one day and asked me about purchasing a Playstation 1 for $5.  I told her not to waste the $5 because the system is worthless, and probably doesn’t even work.  After a little bit of time she called me knowing that I can sometimes use things and asked me if I needed a cart for my office.  I thought about it because in my office having a movable piece of furniture for the computers would be great.  She sent me a picture mail on the cell phone and there was a picture of medical carts that she had found.  I don’t know how someone would end up with one of these at their homes, but I definitelly didn’t want anything like that around.  Not only big, but not very compatible to my needs.