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Ocean County Fair Here We Come

Last year was the first year we were a vendor at the Ocean County Fair.  We were there representing DirecTV, Sirius/XM, and a few other things.  We also went there to promote the installation side of the company.  Finding a reasonable price for a tv, or stereo installation isn’t that easy.  I also decided to try and promote inexpensive CCTV systems.  We had quite a few interested people.

This year we are pleased to announce that we are going to be at the Ocean County Fair again.  At the fair this year we are going to be promoting DirecTV, Sirius/XM, Camera Systems, and also our newest venture… Solar Electricity for your home.

The best part of the fair in comparison to an actual storefront was that I only had to pay a small fee for the booth, and present a certificate of liability insurance.  The fair seems to be a good way to get information out, and also get some business.

If you are in Ocean County then stop by the Ocean County Fair between July 10 and July 15.

Some Customers Will Try Anything To Get Their Money Back

I am in the business of installing tvs, stereos, computers, and almost any other electronics.  Back some time ago I did a tv installation for a customer.  When I go out to a customers home I do everything possible to make sure that the customer is happy with their installation before leaving.  In doing a tv installation I have a lot of things to do to make sure the installation is flawless.

I got a call about a week after doing the installation from the company that I get some of my work from.  They advised me that I needed to go out and warranty my installation.  I was told that the customer was claiming that their tv was not level.  Knowing that my job was done absolutelly perfect I scheduled a return trip to check the installation, and get photos.

After arriving at the home I found nothing wrong with the installation.  The tv was still straight as can be.  I called into the company and reported my findings.  About a week later I was advised that once again the customer was still complaining that their tv was not level, and they wanted another tech to come out and review the job.  I called in and asked if my pictures weren’t clear enough to show that the tv was level.  I was told that they needed to check it out.  I further noted to the company that any person that saw the photo could tell that the tv was level.  Another tech went out and cleared the job as level.

After a month of the job in escalation I called in and found out that the customer was disputing the matter, and they had to listen to the customer to avoid any further issues.  If I only had a little more money to spend on equipment I may go out and get something like a pls-4 level.  That is a piece of machinery that almost no one could question.

People Are So Shrewd

I have been a long time computer tech, tv tech, tv installer, and more.  Over the past few years I have noticed more, and more that customers are out for themselves, and will mow the technician over no matter what.  When I get to a customers home I am not required to move their existing tvs, and such.  For the most part my customers are very nice, and wouldn’t take advantage of me.  They know that I am reasonable for my work, and I take pride in doing my job well.

I just recently received an escallation about a job I did.  The escallation was that a tv I installed was not usable.  When I left the customer signed off, and I demonstrated that everything worked to the best of my capability.  The customer even gave me a tip.  I moved her old tv to the garage, and even drove out to a store to get her cables because she didn’t have the right ones at the time of installation.

I am glad that I am not like a doctor.  I don’t need to worry about things like protecting myself from lawsuits .  I am thankful for this because the way people always want to get one over on someone would make it so that my insurance company would be calling me every few days.